Finding the path to presence

I talk about being in the here and now but most people just don’t understand what that means. 

They say, “I am here.” 

They say, “This is now.” 

Both statements are true. The only way not to be here now is to be dead. 

Presence, though, is a state of knowing, seeing and understanding everything that is occuring in the moment. 

It’s the ability to dissolve, not in a way that you lose yourself, but in a way that you finally find yourself as an integral part the world around you. 

You finally find that it all matters—the uniting, dividing, colliding, subsiding of people, places and things.

You find the meaning at first glance, along with the meaning ten thousand feet below the surface.

You find that you're in more power than you think; that you have more options than you realize; that you can control outcomes just by wishing them into fruition. 

It's all energy: your thoughts, your actions, your focus (or lack thereof). It's all telling you something, it's all leading you back to you, if you're willing to pay attention.

If you're willing to believe that you and everything....matters.

I don't have a three-step formula for you to be present. But I do have a path to help you discover a formula for yourself: #joyquest. This 10-week journey will prompt you to get lost and discover the bliss around you. 

Oh, it's there. 

I promise. 

Join today.