Find a way to love the haters, that's all they really need.

Haters don't really hate.

Haters fear. 

They fear power. 

They fear happiness.

They fear love.

They fear disappointment

They fear hurt.

They fear loss. 

And when a hater turns his gaze to you? That's because you are simply the personification of all the things haters' fear. To them, you are hate-able because you don't seem fearful about power, happiness, love,  disappointment, hurt or loss. You just keep on living, letting all of these experiences and so many more, flow right through you. 

Try not to take the hate of a hater personally. You are caught in the middle of a confusing, confounding, chaotic, ravenous fear of the human experience...which is power, happiness, love, disappointment, hurt and loss. Among so, so many other things. 

The key is to stay centered in your own power, happiness and love. The key is to realize that you are the in control of your best possible experience, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. And the key to that is to just allow your love to flow. Got extra? Send it to the haters. Let them feel what they are missing.