The truth about you...


In terms of holy,
holier and holiest do not exist.
In fact, 
even though you swear
to know the name of someone
holier than thou
that is a figment
of a limited earthly imagination.
All things being equal:
you are the holy spirit
everyone has been talking about
since the dawn of time.
When you submit to your divinity
you will finally know
the whole truth
is you
and nothing but you.

Excerpt From: “take me (t)here.” 

How to wake up each day


True or false? Every morning your alarm clock startles you out of a nice, sound sleep. 


You turn it off, roll over, and (I'm guessing) roll out of bed. 

AND YOU'RE OFF, literally. 

Try this.

Turn your alarm off, roll over onto your back and place your hands by your sides, palms up. 

Take a deep breath in and let it easily escape back out. 

One more time. Deep breath in, easy exhale out. 

Extend an invitation to Source: please send a good surprise my way today. 

Deep breath in, easy exhale out. 

Deep breath in, easy exhale out. 

Now, roll out of bed and start your day. 

When that good surprise comes, because it will, jot it down somewhere or take a picture just so you can begin building a library of goodness that comes when you ask for it. 

Live. Sleep. Repeat.


take me (t)here


One last push
makes everything happen—

a heart halts
a baby emerges

—it is the flow
fulfilling unvoiced wishes:

take me, take me,
take me (t)here.

Untether yourself
from the desire to control life
and tether yourself to the force
working through you.

Let your heart break
as easily as your lungs fill.

Open to unconstrained divinity,
embody your shadow,
dance in your light.

Illumination punctuates
the becoming of your
second nature. 

Excerpt From: Tracey Selingo. “take me (t)here.” iBooks. 

Waiting for the next available teller

Photo by  Andy Chilton  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andy Chilton on Unsplash

This morning as I sat on my mediation mat and worked out my last twitches to settle in for the long haul, I heard a voice say, "Please wait for the next available teller." 

When I looked up I saw what I thought was a crow flying straight for the sliding door that I was sitting behind, but when it came into focus I realized it was a red-tailed hawk. She flew straight to the door, swooped to the side, grazing the glass, and landed on the branch of a pine tree about ten feet away. 


She stayed only a matter of seconds and then flew to another tree directly in front of me. Again, her back to me. The morning sun lit the edges of her wings, creating a halo around her. 

Last night, as I was dozing off to sleep, I asked for to be shown a different perspective, but I forgot about that request by morning, until Hawk arrived. 

Hawk was a generous companion this morning. Gifting me with perspective, vision, clarity and intelligence. I am incredibly grateful for the ways that Nature responds to my inquiries and invitations. 

Eight years ago this might have been a story about a hawk almost flying into a sliding door right before my eyes. Today it's a story about a deeper conversation with the Universe.

When I invite people to join me on the Field Trip, the very first lesson is centered around two facts: 

  1. Everything is energy
  2. Energy is information

So every bit of energy within you, around you, coming at you, moving away from you, is just information for you to absorb or for you to ignore. Every last drop of it is the next available teller, sent by the Universe, inviting you into a currency where the vibe is high.

When you live in the present moment it's usually fairly easy to understand the signs and symbols that stop you in your tracks. At least, it's easy to notice them. You hold the free will to decide if you want to dive deeper and contemplate their meaning or if you just want to brush them aside.

Here are two easy ways that you can ease yourself into a conversation with the Universe: 

  • Record one sign a day. Just one. What stopped you in your tracks? What tugged at your heart? What brought you joy? Keep a running log. At the end of each week, look back and see if there's a bigger story unfolding in what you are seeing/noticing.
  • Set aside time to journal. Before you begin, take a few centering breaths and ask the Universe why that particular sign appeared or what it was delivering to you and then free write your answer. No edits, no breaks. You might be surprised to read what flowed through.

I'm not sure what sort of conversation you'll find yourself in, but I am sure of this: it's always, always, always about love—finding love, offering love, be-ing love, right here, right now. 

Go see. Report back. <3 

Want to jumpstart the conversation? Join me Sunday, April 15th at Moonshine where you can journey to meet your spirit animal in the cozy comfort of my studio in NEPA. You never know what your teller needs to tell you. Learn more.